Clever Cuisine

The home of quality Gourmet Foods - Delivered to your Door

Clever Cuisine have been supplying quality gourmet foods for over 20 years, if you have any queries about our products please do email or call us, the details are on our contact page.

All our Products are of the finest Quality and Highest Standard, normally only found in First Class Restaurants. We use only specially selected Premium Quality Produce.

King Prawns

Cooked cold water tiger prawns with just the tail left on, perfect for dipping, no vein and with a low percentage water glaze. Graded at 26 to 30 prawns per Kg.
Luxury Seafood Cocktail

Ready Cooked Luxury Seafood Cocktail, just defrost and eat, contains King Prawns Green Lip Mussels and Squid Rings
Haddock Fillets (Skin on)

Haddock is a delicate flake and slightly sweet taste give it a wonderful, melt-in-the-mouth appeal. The lean firm yet tender texture make it suitable for frying sauteing and baking. Also perfect for soups and fish pies.
Haddock Florentine

Haddock fillet topped with spinach and gruyere cheese sauce and coated in crispy crumb