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ConnoisseurA connoisseurs collection of desserts. Comprising of 3 each of the following

Chocolate Bavarois
Rich chocolate flavoured mousse set on a moist sponge base, decorated with ganache

Zesty Lemon Torte
Tangy lemon mousse infused set on a moist sponge base topped with lemon zest and glazed

Raspberry & Champagne Torte
Champagne mousse infused with whole raspberries and a sharp raspberry flavoured filling. Finished with a crisp charlotte sponge top.

Irish Cream Torte
A rich Irish cream mousse, set on a moist sponge base, finished with cream and a chocolate decoration

Woodland Fruit Bavarois
Moist sponge topped with a delicate woodland fruit mousse.Finished with glazed woodland fruits


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