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Lamb Koftas
Lamb KoftasSpicy minced lamb, wrapped around a skewer. Ideal for BBQ's or cook on griddle/grill

Sold in boxes of 20


Cost £28.00 Per Box
ConnoisseurA connoisseurs collection of desserts. Comprising of 3 each of the following

Chocolate Bavarois
Rich chocolate flavoured mousse set on a moist sponge base, decorated with ganache

Zesty Lemon Torte
Tangy lemon mousse infused set on a moist sponge base topped with lemon zest and glazed

Raspberry & Champagne Torte
Champagne mousse infused with whole raspberries and a sharp raspberry flavoured filling. Finished with a crisp charlotte sponge top.

Irish Cream Torte
A rich Irish cream mousse, set on a moist sponge base, finished with cream and a chocolate decoration

Woodland Fruit Bavarois
Moist sponge topped with a delicate woodland fruit mousse.Finished with glazed woodland fruits


Cost £35.00 Per Box
Chicago Style Canapes
Chicago Style CanapesCanape collection comprising of 8 each of

Valenties Delight
Smoke Salmon Horn
Emmental Cheese Garni
Lump Fish Caviar En Croute
Bean Lovers Tartlet
Crab Min Blinis

Just defrost and serve with champagne


Cost £39.50 Per Box
Mixed Box Petit Crolines
Mixed Box Petit CrolinesPetit Crolines 30 of each type

Chicken Curry
Ham and Cheese

Bake in the oven from frozen


Cost £39.50 Per Box
Wings of Fire
Wings of FireMid and prime chicken wings marinated in a hot blend of chillies and spices

Ready cooked, defrost and server or bake in the oven from frozen

Sold in boxes of 2Kg


Cost £34.00 Per Box
Coquilles St Jacques
Coquilles St JacquesQueen scallops, salmon and prawns in a white wine cream sauce, servered in a natural scallop shell, piped with a cordon of fresh creamed potato

Each shell is 200gm in weight

Sold in boxes of 10 shells


Cost £37.50 Per Box